Welcome to the 2022 QBioS Hands-on Modeling Workshop

Are you a graduate student, scientist, or faculty member interested in learning how to integrate computational models of living systems into your research or courses but have little prior experience? If so, Professor Joshua Weitz, Professor James C. Gumbart along with the Quantitative Biosciences (QBioS) and InQuBATE first-yearcohorts encourage you to apply to our 2022 in-person two-day workshop on stochastic gene expression! It will feature:

  • An opening lecture on the core principles behind stochastic gene expression by Dr. Adriana Lucia-Sanz, Georgia Tech.

  • Hands-on tutorials

  • or implementing computational stochastic models of gene expression using  Python or  Matlab.

  • Plenary lecture by Professor Ido Golding, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

  • Lunch and coffee breaks

We welcome applications from all irrespective of prior coding experience. The workshop will include an introductory programming session (Python and Matlab) for those with limited (or no) coding experience. All participants will learn the basics of developing stochastic models of gene expression using the Gillespie algorithm as well as how to apply the algorithm using real data. We will provide same-day support for coding in two languages: Python and  Matlab.

We thank the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and NIH InQuBATE program for making this workshop possible.

Important Information

Stochasticity in gene expression
May 11-12, 2022
Room 1116-1118
Marcus Nanotechnology Building
345 Ferst Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
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Applications are now closed!
Materials will be posted later, please watch out for them!

Email qbiosworkshop@gatech.edu with any questions.